10 Best Mentalism Tricks

So you want to learn mentalism tricks? Start with simple tricks and impress your friends and family:

Guess The Age

  1. Ask a person to multiply the first digit of his age by 5.
  2. To the result add 3.
  3. Then multiply it by 2.
  4. Ask the person to add to the result the second digit of their age. Now ask for the received number.
  5. From the received number minus 6 and that will be the age!

Mirror The Body Language

Mentalism Tricks

People are more receptive if you behave or look like them.

By imitating someone’s body language, you can make a person feel safer, stronger and friendly towards you.

Every day we subconsciously mirror the body language of our friends or family.

We often use gestures, facial expressions of people that are close to us, without even realizing it. By consciously mirroring the body language of another person, you can become more likeable. This mentalism trick can be very useful in a business meeting or on a date.

Make Your Lie Work

If you want somebody to believe in your lie, add embarrassing details. Instead of saying: No, I don’t meet with Anna, I have no time for this. Try to say: No, I have not seen Anna for a long time. At the last party I blocked her toilet and threw up on her couch, so I do not think she wants to meet me again.

Use Silence During Negotiation

People don’t feel good when someone becomes silent during a conversation. They do everything to stop this uncomfortable moment of silence.

During negotiations, use the silence in your favour. Just be patient and you will achieve your goals.

Get It Out Of My Head

If a song is stuck in your head, and you can’t get rid of it, think about the end of the song. This will help you to free yourself from the song.

This Mentalism trick can be also used with other tasks that you haven’t finished. Just simply think about completing them!

This trick is related to the Zeigarnik effect, which basically says that tasks that are unfinished remain in our heads longer and are more memorable than those tasks that have been completed.

Confirm The Question

By nodding your head while asking a question, you’ll use the suggestion technique and make the other person agreeing with you.

Find The Stalker

Mentalism Tricks

Do you ever feel that you are being watched when in a public place (on a bus or in a store)?

Pretend that you are sleepy and yawn, then look at the person who is observing you.

If this person also yawns, it means that your mentalism trick has worked! You are being observed and you have made someone’s subconscious to work.

Give Choice

Instead of giving your child an order, give him a choice. This will make him feel that he is in control of the situation.

When I want my son to put on his shoes, I say: “Do you want to wear the red or blue shoes?”

Find Liars

Look into the eyes during a conversation. Avoiding eye contact usually means a lie.

Get Confidence

The key to getting confidence is to enter a room assuming that everyone likes you.

Mentalism Tricks