Learn to Hypnotize And Improve Your Mentalism


What Hypnosis Really Is?

Hypnosis, similarly to Mentalism uses suggestion as its main tool. It is a state of deep relaxation, in which the mind is clean, and the subconscious is more susceptible to suggestion.

Everyone falls into this kind of state, without even realizing it. When we look at one point for a long time, our eyes slowly float away and we enter into a light hypnotic trance.

Mentalism vs Hypnosis

Mentalism, the same as magic, is an illusion. It is mainly used for entertainment purposes.

Hypnosis is more of a science that is used for both therapeutic and entertainment reasons.

Both Mentalism and Hypnosis play with humans’ minds and both use suggestion as the main technique.

How to Hypnotize?

The mentalist brings people in a hypnotic state by following a few simple rules. The most important rule is to find a person that believes in hypnosis and wants to be hypnotized, then:

  • the mentalist speaks slowly and calmly, without emotions
  • he pronounces the orders very clearly
  • he uses a few seconds breaks that bring the person into a relaxation state

Once the person is ready, the muscles are relaxed (the consciousness that controls those muscles also rests). The subconscious takes over the dominant role.

Increased activity of the subconscious makes the mind more susceptible to suggestion and mentalism. It is functioning now, similarly to a child’s mind. 


But What Is This Subconscious?

Nowadays, the subconscious part of our minds is interpreted in many different ways. A biologist would describe it in a different way than a psychologist.

From a mentalism perspective, the closest explanation of subconscious exists in psychology. Subconscious is the part of the mind that is responsible for the control of activities that are performed without awareness or perception – unconsciously.

You can observe how the subconscious works in many everyday situations, i.e. when doing two tasks at the same time: like watching TV and eating, going to work and talking on the phone. You have done this so many times, that you don’t need to think about it. It is an automated process, for which your subconscious is responsible.