Pick A Card Tricks Explained

Who doesn’t like to impress friends with an unusual skill?

The most popular tricks at parties are mentalism or card tricks. When it comes to card tricks, guessing the card picked by the audience is one of the best and most impressive tricks.

That’s why we decided to teach you how to do these kind of card tricks!

Below we present a few easy card tricks, which you can quickly learn and become the star of the next party!

Even and Odd Card

This trick is very simple, even children can learn it. If done correctly, you can be sure that the audience will not realize how the card trick works.

Before starting the performance, you can make a small bet!

For example, if you guess the card chosen by your friend, he will invite you for an ice cream, otherwise you will invite him.

You can be certain that you will not be paying for the ice cream!
All you need to do is to make sure that you follow these simple steps:

  1. Before the meeting, you need to divide the deck into 2 parts – even and odd cards (aces, threes, fives, sevens, nines and jacks are the odd cards, the rest are even),
  2. Now put both decks (even and odd) on the table, in front of the audience,
  3. Ask someone from the audience to choose one card from the even deck (without showing it to you),
  4. The chosen card needs to be placed on top of the odd deck (the second deck will not be needed any more),
  5. Give the card deck (odd) to the audience and ask them to shuffle it (to make it more dramatic you can close your eyes when they do the shuffling),
  6. Put the shuffled cards on the table (face up) and point out the only even card.

This pick a card trick, if done correctly, will really impress your friends and stay in their memory for a very long time!

Stop Now Trick

The second card magic trick is a bit more difficult, but if done correctly will impress your friends even more. This time you will need a full deck of cards.

  1. Ask the person to shuffle the deck well,
  2. Take the deck of cards and shuffle it yourself,
  3. While shuffling ask the person to say stop,
  4. At the moment they say ‘stop’ divide the deck into two halves, memorize the card which is located on the bottom of the upper half of the deck,
  5. The first card from the top of the lower half of the deck is shown only to the person (without you looking at it),
  6. Put the selected card in the same place and cover it with the upper half of the deck,
  7. Carefully shuffle the deck to make sure that you don’t separate the memorized card from the card which you showed to the person,
  8. Now, put the cards on the table (face up). The picked card is on the top of the card that you memorized.

Pick A Card And Cut Trick

The idea of this cool card trick is very similar to the previous one.

Pick a card tricks have many different ways to perform it. It’s worth trying a few and choosing the one we like the most.

  1. Take the deck of cards in hand and look at the card on the bottom (make sure the audience is not aware of that),
  2. Ask someone from the audience to choose one card from the deck,
  3. Put the chosen card on the top of the deck,
  4. Ask a person to cut the cards,
  5. After he cuts the deck, the card you memorised will be above the card we are looking for,
  6. Turn the deck over and show the card which is above the one you memorised.

Before presenting any card tricks to a wider audience, it is worth to practice them several times. The smoothness of the performance will make our audience even more impressed.