Master Mentalism Course Review

Chances are you have already come up against a brick wall while trying to learn how to become a mentalist.

No worries! I know how you feel. I have been through the same problem. That’s why I started doing mentalism courses and today I want to share with you my views on the course that I have found to be the most useful one.

Its’ clear that no one likes competition, and mentalists often refuse to teach rookies anything. And even if you manage to find someone willing to teach you, you can expect them to charge a lot for it.

There are a lot of books on the topic of mentalism out there, but they are often outdated, hard to read, and often impossible to learn from. The author of Master Mentalism Course wants mentalism to be something that anyone can learn, no matter what their current skill set, and budget is. There’s no fluff content, no filler pages; every word is necessary in order to describe the tricks perfectly.

In this master mentalism course review, I will talk about everything you can learn from it, and why you need to buy it if you seriously want to learn mentalism.

About the Authors

Ryan Evans is an author who has close relationships within the performing arts industry. Ryan’s often been linked with some of the biggest names in magic shows, including David Copperfield and David Blaine.

The co-author and the mind behind so many famous magic tricks is a person dubbed “Mr. X.” We may not know a lot about Mr. X, but we do know he is a seasoned professional with a lot of famous clients on his roster — and a typical charge of $1000 for a single session.

Who is this course for?

Whoever wants to discover amazingly simple secrets and learn mentalism and magic tricks. You can be an experienced professional with many years of industry experience, or completely new to the game. This course will allow you to have these tricks at your fingertips in less than 30 days — guaranteed!

This revolutionary master mentalism course will slash your learning time. You will be able to astonish and amaze people as early as tonight — even if you’ve never tried mentalism or magic!

Mr. X is one of the most in-demand magician consultants, and he’s helped so many famous magicians with huge tricks. However, he has agreed to write this incredible course. It is full of shortcuts and tricks that other professional magicians don’t want you to know because they had to pay a high price to learn them.

Some of the industry pros are outraged that he is revealing these secrets to people outside the mentalism industry. They don’t want you to know the skills behind their success. They don’t want you to learn mentalism and mind control stunts. Once you have these shortcuts at your disposal, their careers will be in danger.

No matter how great or small your skill set is, you can easily master these jaw-dropping tricks that the best mentalists and magicians use. When you read it you’ll learn the shortcuts to:

  • Mentalism
  • Street Magic
  • Mind Reading
  • Hypnotism
  • Levitation
  • Remote Viewing
  • Card Tricks
  • Spoon Bending
  • Illusions

Moreover, all these materials will be instantly available to you online. Additionally, if you take advantage of today’s offer, you can get this course for only $4.95! Even if you get the master mentalism course for this incredibly low price, you are still covered with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Bonus Features

Aside from the incredible skills, tips and shortcuts, if you get this master mentalism course today, you will receive all this free of charge!

Book — Over 500 Card Tricks exposed

483 full pages of card tricks, sleights of hand, false cuts, forces, etc. – a must have if you’re serious about magic

Book — David Blaine Brutally Exposed

David Blaine tells all. Everything that you will learn in this book has not been performed by him on TV before. This is not a book you can find in your neighborhood bookstore.

30 days of free access to Mesmerize Monthly

Free trial membership to the elite and exclusive VIP coaching club “Mesmerize Monthly,” that’s reserved for the top clients. You get the first thirty days completely free and then pay only $47 a month (not $97 like everyone else).

If at any time during the free month, or after, you wish to cancel your membership, just visit the support help desk, and you will stop being charged straight away — no questions, hard feelings, and annoyances. If you are not completely satisfied with this course, the membership will be cancelled straight away.


  • Unlimited access to incredible secrets and tips to master mentalism
  • Very easy to understand
  • Authors are industry pros
  • Tons of videos, audios, and interviews
  • No commitment as the membership can be cancelled and you are covered with a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Lack of card tricks — but if you buy the course now you will get the book “Over 500 Card Tricks exposed” for free.

Final Thoughts

My personal experience with the Master Mentalism course has been amazing! I managed to learn incredible mentalism tricks and impress my friends. The secret is that, with the help of this course, it took me less than 30 days to perfectly learn mentalism, master card tricks, illusions, and hypnosis! I hope this Master Mentalism course review has answered most of the questions you might have had about it.

Still a skeptic or think this is a scam? I completely understand — at first, I didn’t know if I should listen to the advice given by a “Mr. X”. However, I ensure you it’s not a scam and it’s by far the best way to learn mentalism. Moreover, if you do end up not liking it (which I highly doubt you will), you can get your money back easily and with no questions asked.

You can get the discounted course on the official website here.