Best Mentalism Tricks To Perform At A Party – Step By Step!

If you’re the main trickster at parties, and you love showing off your mentalism skills, then you’re going to love these easy tricks!

What’s more, they’re all incredibly easy to perform, and you’ll end up wowing the crowd in no time!

Choose A Colour

Overall, if performed with confidence, a simple mentalism trick can stun a crowd just as much as an elaborate one. Nothing proves that better than the Choose a colour trick.

What you will need:

1. Small cardboard box

2. Paperclips

3. Five small pieces of white paper

4. Five small pieces of colored paper

5. Small magnets

How to perform the trick

First, on the white pieces of paper, write down your prediction. It should say: you will choose (for example) blue. Depending on what color papers you have, write down the predictions on the other white papers, fold them, and secure each one with a paperclip.

Now, fold the pieces of colored paper, and hide a magnet in each one of them. Then, place the papers on top of your box, making sure to spread them out.

Inside the box, place each folded piece of white paper with a paperclip under the corresponding color. For example, if you have written: you will choose red, the red paper should be located just above your prediction, on the top side of the box.

Now, ask someone to choose a color. For example, if they choose red, take the red piece of paper off the box. Be careful not to show the magnet.

Finally, open the box, and reveal your prediction. It should say: you will choose red.

The explanation:

This trick can’t fail! The paperclips are holding the white papers in place on the inner side of the lid. Once you take off the coloured paper with a hidden magnet, the paperclip and prediction will fall to the bottom of the box, whereas the other predictions will stay in place.

You can see how it exactly done in the video below

The Grey Elephant From Denmark Mentalism Trick

If you’re looking for something quick and easy to perform, the Grey Elephant from Denmark is one of the best mentalism tricks there is. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Pick a volunteer whose mind you’ll be reading.

2. Tell them to pick a number from 1-10.

3. Tell them to multiply that number by 9,

4. If their number has double digits, tell them to add them up, and subtract 5 from the total.

5. Tell them to match the number to a letter from the alphabet. 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, and so on.

6. Tell them to think of a country in Europe that starts with that letter.

7. Now, tell them to subtract 1 from the previous total, and match it to a letter, just like before.

8. Tell them to choose a circus animal that begins with that letter.

9. Finally, tell them to think of the color of the animal they’ve chosen.

Now all that’s left is to dazzle your crowd! Announce that they have chosen a grey elephant from Denmark.

The explanation:

No matter what number the person chose, when multiplied by 9, the resulting digits will add up to 9. Once you subtract 5 from 9, you get 4. The only country in Europe starting with the letter D is Denmark.

The other letter they will get is E, and the first thing that pops into everyone’s head when they think of circus animals is a grey elephant!

Read Someone’s Mind With This Mentalism Trick

Everyone loves a good mind trick. In this video, Derren Brown demonstrates how to fool your audience into thinking you can really see what’s going on inside their brains. He asks someone to pick a tune and ‘’hum’’ it in their head.

Basically, the main part of the trick is convincing the person that he is making a choice on his own. Check out the video to see this great mentalism trick!

If you’re interested in learning more mentalism tricks, check out the 4 easy mind reading tricks tutorial. You will learn easy mentalism tricks that will make you the most popular person at the party. You’ll also learn how to prepare yourself before performing them, so all in all, you’ll be ready to blow everybody away each time you do any of these mentalism tricks.