Have You Ever Wondered How The Mentalism Tricks Are Created?


Darren Brown Mentalism Tricks Explained!

Brown is undoubtedly, the most famous mentalist in the world. He was born in England in 1970 and became famous thanks to his television show “Mind Control” and mind-blowing metnalism tricks. Although some people believe that he has supernatural abilities, Derren openly admits that everything he does is the result of suggestion, psychology, hypnosis, misinterpretation with a touch of magic.

Suggestion Trick

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In the film below, Brown (by using suggestion technique) tries to transmit the identity of the card he holds in his hand. Derren asks you to think about bright and vivid colour, as we all know there are only two playing card colours and only one of them is vivid and bright. Then, to suggest the suite, he makes the shape of a diamond.

To transmit the card number, he draws three shapes in the air, uses three fingers and talks about numbers. To give you the last hint, he even makes three sounds (“boom, boom, boom”).

Boxer Trick

In the next film, Derren asks boxers to lift a girl up. When the girl is positioned close to the boxer, lifting her up is not a problem. However, when the girl makes a step back and puts her hands on boxer’s forearms, he is unable to lift her up. The mentalism, in this case, is based only on the laws of physics and nothing else.

To learn more about mentalism tricks and techniques used by Brown, you can read some of his books.