Subliminal Stimuli – Mentalism Messages

What Is Subliminal Stimuli in Mentalism?

Subliminal Stimuli is a technique of Mentalism, in which the mentalist influences the subconscious of the recipient by using various types of hidden, short messages.

Subliminal Stimuli Clever Example

The most famous example of subliminal message is a Coca Cola advertisement, created in Australia in the 80s.

The ad showed a bottle of Coca – Cola in ice. One of the ice cubes presented a woman performing a sexual act (as in the picture on the left).

The company admitted that it was a joke of one of the artists who created the image. However, from a Mentalism perspective it is clear that the subliminal message was used to transmit the following information to the customers: drinking Coca-Cola is as good as having sex.

Meet the Mentalism Master of Subliminal Technique

Among the mentalists, Derren Brown is the master of subliminal technique. In the film below you can experience his subliminal skills.

Dressed up as a beggar and using various subliminal messages he collected £ 300: